Contract Furniture for Professionals

"It’s the unexpected that changes your life"

Custom-Made Outdoor Furniture


Pristine outdoor Mavilop

A new take on contract furniture design in which contemporary design and neutral colours live in harmony. The perfect blend of outdoor furniture and nature.

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Sillas de exterior Mavilop
Sillas de exterior Mavilop
Mobiliario de exterior mavilop
Sillas de exterior Mavilop
Mobiliario de exterior mavilop
Sillas de exterior Mavilop
Mobiliario de exterior mavilop
Mobiliario de exterior mavilop

Contract Chairs


Perpetual Creativity Mavilop

Our chairs for professional use are designed to be durable and timeless. Each design is adjusted to the style you’re looking for.

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Sillas para restaurante mavilop
Sillas blancas mavilop
Sillas Mavilop
Sillas Mavilop
Sillas Mavilop
Sillas Mavilop
Sillas Mavilop

Tables and Contract Furniture


Practical Pieces Mavilop

We work with a variety of materials and designs when making of our tables and contract furniture assuring that they are suitable for all settings.

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Mesa contract Mavilop
Mesas de hogar mavilop
Mesa alta contract mavilop
Mesa de terraza Mavilops
Mesas Mavilop
Mesas Mavilop

Ergonomic Office Chairs


Versatile Office Mavilop

Comfort during work hours is guaranteed with Mavilop’s new ergonomic office furniture.

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Mobiliario oficina con color Mavilop
Mobiliario oficina sala de reuniones Mavilop
Mobiliario oficina exposición Mavilop
Oficina informal Mavilops
Taburtes de oficina mavilop
Mobiliario de oficina Mavilop
Mobiliario de oficina Mavilop
Mobiliario de oficina Mavilop

Client Area

Catalogues, new products, deals and exclusive contract furniture. We go above and beyond for our clients.

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We aim for the very best so that your contract project is a success. Discover our models in the gallery.

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New Catalogue 2019/2020

The unexpected and accidental discovery of something that you weren't looking for but that solves a problem. The fact that you have found us means the best is yet to come. With this new catalogue containing the latest furniture we want to inspire you and provide the perfect solution for your interior design projects.
¡Happy Discovering!

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Catalogue Mavilop Serendipity

The restless sprit of Mavilop’s founder continues to be very present among the company’s new generation, inspiring our promise to always go above and beyond, offering our clients innovative and alternative designs that make a difference. Mavilop meets the specific needs of every space with added style.

The market changes very quickly which means we have to be up to date with the newest developments in the field and select designs that allow us to offer new solutions and creative ideas to our clients. We break the mould in everything we do.

At Mavilop, we pour passion and determination into each project we carry out, offering a huge range of furniture for many different types of spaces. We also provide excellent value in quality and design along with personalised, high-quality customer service. Our extensive collection of tables, chairs, armchairs and office chairs sets the benchmark for furniture professionals, in both professional and home settings.

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Ubicación: Feria de Valencia
Year: Septiembre 2019
Hip - Horeca Professional Expo
Event: Hip - Horeca Professional Expo
Ubicación: IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Year: Febrero 2019
InteriHotel Barcelona
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Year: Octubre 2018