About us

Mavilop quienes somos

We work day in and day out to achieve one goal: to make sure you find the best furniture for your project. In trusting us to carry out your project, we provide you with all of our experience and a close, personal service. We would love to know about your project and to get involved so that you can achieve the best possible results.

For many years now we have focused on providing quality and ensuring the job is well done; to achieve this we are always innovating so that we can offer you the best quality and design for the best price.

Mavilop quienes somos

When completing a project there are thousands of furniture options and different styles to choose from. At Mavilop we strive to provide you with the best furniture for your project helping you to choose from a large variety of styles. Our work consists in combining functionality, ergonomic design, and quality so that you can find the solution that best suits your project.

Our Values
In order to help you with your project we hold several values close to heart, values that have been present within Mavilop since the very beginning.

Mavilop quienes somos

We promise to make every experience better than the last. We give our all so that each one of your experiences is exceptional.

We always say what we do and do what we say. We believe that transparency is the only way to operate, this is why we always talk clearly and simply.

Mavilop quienes somos

Constant Renewal
One of the key reasons why we are able to provide you with the best solutions is that our product range is constantly being updated. That being said, we can always provide you with extra products from the range you have already chosen.

Above all we are a team and a family aiming to be approachable and accessible. We maintain a close, trusting relationship with our clients because we know that’s the best way to help you achieve your goals.